What’s Khafre ®


Khafre ® is a one-stop document management/generation system that creates a new standard for data gathering and sharing of critical customer financials. The Khafre system creates a seamless communication conduit between service providers and end-users. Utilizing a universal and reusable data entry model allows different agents and providers on the system to share and repurpose client information, reduce user error and increase oversight and overall data quality.

With Khafre, managing files and information has never been easier. Utilizing a universal data model means that customer financials can be used and reused in a meaningful way, whether the system user is a mortgage broker, financial advisor, or law firm handling a loan modification. With scalable system permissions, multiple agents have the ability to update and reassure the homeowner of the status of their file, and what next steps they’ll need to take.

Screenshot - Easily Manage Files with Khafre

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With Khafre, access to critical customer data is just a click away

Khafre was built to fill an enormous technology gap in the financial and distressed market sector. With loan modifications and other mortgage services at a record high, firms need to be able to handle the increased customer volume. Khafre streamlines the process from beginning to end making file handling and sharing simple.

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